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Each student is allocated a Tutor to look after them during their stay. LOI tutors are usually from a background in education and some are multilingual. They are the students main line of support


Orientation Day

LOI have an Orientation day for the students shortly after they arrive in Ireland. The purpose of the Orientation Session is to help the students to settle into the Programme as quickly as possible. Students complete Questionnaires which help them focus on different aspects of the programme. They are given an opportunity to discuss any concerns they have both on an individual basis with their respective tutors and also to discuss things as a group. Among other things they are asked to focus on their aims for the forthcoming Year. After the Session the students are taken on a Social outing where they have a chance to relax and chat to other young people on the programme. We have found this session to be very valuable to the early success of the AYP.


The Academic Programme

You are expected to do all homework set by your teacher. This work may be periodically checked by your LOI tutor. In addition to homework you are expected to devote some time each evening to Private study. The minimum should be one hour per day. Rules of individual schools must be adhered to.

Social Lifethird-level-2

Students aged 16 to 19 years are permitted to remain out of the host family home until midnight on Friday and Saturdays (unless prohibited by natural parents or host family/guardians) Students aged 15 and under are permitted to remain out until 10.30 pm on Friday and Saturday nights unless prohibited by natural parents/ host families/guardians. Week nights Sunday to Thursday are normally study nights.

In all cases the host family must be informed of (A) where you are going, (B) the time you expect to return, and (C) who you will be with. If the host family object to any or all of these you must abide by their objections.


Breaches of the rules and norms of LOI , the host family, and/or the school, depending on the gravity of the situation, can result in: Written warning which may also include a demand for a plan of action concerning a change of behaviour / attitude and/or Expulsion from the Programme and return home. Breaking the law in Ireland will result in immediate expulsion from the Programme and return home. There will be no refund of fees if you are expelled from the programme

Tutors are required to perform the following duties in respect of their students:
  • To provide friendship and emotional support for the student
  • To provide guidance to students in academic matters
  • To help the students adapt to life in an Irish family
  • To help and encourage the students integrate socially with their Irish peers. (e.g. Joining sports clubs/extra-curricular etc)
  • To encourage the students to improve their English and give practical help where necessary,organising grinds etc.
  • To ensure that the students abide by the Discipline and Behaviour agreement
  • To assist in the Orientation of students on arrival
  • To assist where necessary to transfer students on arrival and departure from Ireland and to help organise all travel for the students in Ireland
  • To liase with Agents regarding their students
  • To write Monthly reports which are sent to the agency/natural parents
  • To meet with AYP Co-ordinator weekly to discuss the progress of each of their students

As you can see from the above the rapport between the student and his/her tutor is very important. The LOI tutor will pay a lot of time with his/her students in the early stages of the programme. They will maintain regular contact throughout the Programme seeing them every two to three weeks.

Discipline and Behaviour Agreement

Beyond the rules of Language Options Ireland all participants are subject to Irish law for the duration of the Programme.

The following Activities /Actions are prohibited:

  • Taking Alcoholic Drink (the minimum age for buying and consuming alcohol in Ireland is 18 years and in many public houses the minimum age is 21 years)
  • Beingin Bars or Discotheques where alcohol is served
    Taking any kind of drug or unprescribed medicine, associating or having contact with any person involved in or associated with drugs or drug users
  • Smoking (except where agreed beforehand with LOI, your parents/guardian, and the host family (Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited in Irish Schools)
  • Hitch-hiking
  • Undertaking any kind of paid employment
  • Travelling outside your residential area without the permissionof LOI and the receipt by LOI of a properly completed Authorisation for Independent Travel form from your parents/guardian
  • Driving car or motorbike
  • Leaving the college/school premises without the permission of the proper school authorities
  • Being absent from class/school without reasonable justification and permission
    Staying away from the school and host family / residential school overnight without permission from LOI, the host family/school, and your parents.
  • LOI does not accept the permission of parents, guardians or agents of participants allowing them to either break these rules or to change the general rules of behaviour and discipline.