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High School Programmes

Language Options Ireland offers quality High School Programmes in Irish Secondary Schools. This is more than a language learning experience . It goes without saying that you will attain a high level of English but you will have the opportunity to experience a new culture with all its richness and diversity. It is a chance to make new friends – friends who you will probably keep all your life! The Aacademic Year Programme is suitable for students aged between 13 and 18 years. It incorporates one, two, and three term programmes in Irish Secondary (High) Schools, Residential and Day Schools Private, Semi-Private and Public Schools. Ten Good Reasons to choose an Language Options Ireland High School Programme in Ireland



  1. Ireland has an excellent Second Level Educational System:
  2. The excellent choice of schools in Ireland- Private, Public and Boarding (Residential)
  3. Language Options Ireland’s reputation for quality Programmes
  4. The friendliness of the Irish people
  5. Irish society is firmly based on the family unit
  6. Ireland is a safe country
  7. Ireland has a large young population
  8. Language Options Ireland’s dedication to working with young people
  9. Ireland is a very beautiful country, steeped in History and Culture.
  10. “The best English in the World is spoken in Ireland” (G.B. Shaw)

Basic Formats

The Programmes are offered under three basic formats. The terminology is defined here:

  • LOIS Standard Day School + Host Family Stay
  • LOIE Elite (Private) Day School + Host Family Stay
  • LOIRES Residential/Boarding School Programme

The duration of the Programmes is as follows:

  • Residential School: Minimum of One Year (Three Terms)
  • Day School:
  • Three Terms; September to June
  • Two Terms; September to April
  • One Term : September to December | January to April
  • Our goal is your goal: Every student will get the opportunity to reach their full potential.